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Gabe Kapler And The Giants Players Are Caught In A Pickle Trying To Figure Out If Having A Beard Means You Also Have A Mustache And The Answer is So Easy...

Well folks, he's done it again. Gabe Kapler has found himself in the middle of a few controversies already this season. The Padres had an issue with his squad bunting while up big, the Nats too offense to the Giants trying to score more runs in the 9th, and now we have Kapler putting the Giants' players in a pretzel trying to figure out if you have a beard does that mean you have a mustache. The Giants are doing Mustache May and it sounds like some are confused if they are participating or not. It's a package deal, if you have a full beard then you have a mustache. If there is hair under your nose, you have a mustache. This isn't quite as tough as the hotdog - sandwich question, but it seems to have the Giants in a pickle. Now not all beards have mustaches, so that is different, but if you have a full beard you're good to go.

Mike Stobe. Getty Images.

Brandon Crawford has a full beard, so that means he has a mustache. He is participating in Mustache May. See how easy that is? See the hair underneath his nose? See the soup strainer? That's a mustache. Now you don't have to have a mustache if you have a beard. Look at Orioles catcher Robinson Chirinos.

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

That is just a beard. There is some hair growing under the nose but that is not a mustache. If it is a FULL beard like Crawford, then yes. But if it's just this chinstrap thing than no obviously. I'm not sure what the hold up here with Kapler is. It's pretty cut and dry. Sure you can leave your mustache a little longer if you have a beard, but it's still a mustache. I'd say if you have a beard you are participating in Mustache May. If you have just a mustache you are participating in Mustache May. If you're Robinson Chirinos you are not participating in Mustache May. 

This shouldn't be an issue hanging around the Giants clubhouse. If guys want to have just a mustache to participate in Mustache May, let them. If Brandon Crawford rocks his full beard he should be able to participate as well. It's simple folks, don't overthink this. Full beard = mustache. Enjoy the rest of your Mustache May.