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Nikola Jokic Should Win The MVP Every Year If This Is How He's Going To Accept The Award

Does anyone actually dislike Nikola Jokic? I don't know how someone can. He's awesome, both on and off the court. Just this gigantic Serbia rolling up to his house on his horse carriage to accept a second MVP award. On the court he's this 2022 version of what Sabonis was before he came to the NBA. Then you have his brothers threatening to fight anyone and everyone and wrap it all up and you get this man: 

Giphy Images.


The Chicago guys said it on the Rundown yesterday and it's worth talking about. The NBA is in a good place. We're getting out of the LeBron era where the league was dominated by Klutch and all these partnerships. Now we're starting to get back to hatred and it's because of the influx of guys like Jokic, Luka, Giannis etc from the international world where they have no ties to AAU or college. We're going to see less of these 'SuperTeams' and more of people trying to build like the Bucks and Suns. Where you have two big name players, developed different ways and then the right role pieces. Obviously have a Giannis helps, but you get the point. Less Nets, more Bucks. 

We're seeing people not be buddy-buddy - just look at the Warriors/Grizz, Bucks/Celtics and especially the Suns/Mavs series. This is what we need to get back to. Give me the mix of the talent of 2022 with the hate of the 90s. It's the best of both worlds where we don't have to watch 5 guys in the paint but can have this physical play with real rivalries. 

But also give me Jokic opening up more. Show that personality and let me see a giant riding behind a horse in Serbia. This is our back-to-back MVP. You can see how much it matters to him too. Now get Jamal Murray healthy and let us see the Nuggets at full strength. We deserve that for Jokic.