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LeBron Is The Most Overpaid Athlete In The World And Phil Jackson Reportedly Wants Him Traded From The Lakers

I'm sorry, $121 Million in the last year just to miss the playoffs? This is the most overpaid athlete in the world. I know, I know. Endorsements, flops of movies, all that. But still $121 million in a year? I mean you have it to a point where the title he won with the Lakers is viewed as a Mickey Mouse title. He's missed the playoffs more than that. Now there's this report: 

That's right the guy who is making $121 million is apparently number 1 on the get the fuck out of here list by Phil Jackson. He wants to keep Russell Westbrook! Russ! The guy the Internet eviscerates with every bricked shot. The guy who can't even go to the Met Gala without catching jokes. That's who Phil wants to keep over you - reportedly of course. 

Imagine Russ in the triangle. Let's keep as much old school ways and refuse to adapt as possible. Phil worked wonders for my beloved Knicks, nothing but positive reviews for the Lakers to listen to him. In fact I encourage it. I mean it's Phil Jackson! 

You know what? Keep him as a Laker. Those fans deserve LeBron. I want the circus, even more after watching Winning Time. I don't care if LeBron is still good. He's not the automatically put into the Finals LeBron. Not with this team. Let him have to deal with the Suns, Warriors, Luka, Nuggets, etc out there. 

$121 Million to miss the playoffs and help turn the Lakers back into a circus? Decent deal, I guess.