Calling Men "Bald" Is Officially Sexual Harassment


Calling a man 'bald' is sex harassment, an employment tribunal has ruled after an employee complained about being called a 'bald cunt'. 

Tony Finn had worked for the West Yorkshire-based British Bung Company for almost 24 years when he was fired in May last year.

He took them to the tribunal claiming, among other things, that he had been the victim of sex harassment following an incident with factory supervisor Jamie King.

Mr Finn alleged that during a shop floor row that almost erupted in violence in July 2019, Mr King had referred to him as a 'bald cunt'.

Hair loss is much more prevalent among men than women so using it to describe someone is a form of discrimination, a judge found.

As well as upholding his sex harassment claim, the tribunal ruled the company had dismissed him unfairly because instead of waiting to hear from police after they complained about his son's involvement, which they claimed they would, they sacked him two working days later.

Mr Finn won claims of unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, being subjected to detriments and sex harassment.

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Look, I don't know the first thing about "law" but I do know that American courts must act according to "stare decisis", aka "determining points in litigation according to precedent". Doesn't matter if a court ruling is from another country or not. Making fun of men balds is sexist, plain and simple. This ruling is the new lay of the land for the entire world. 

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