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Feel Good Thursday: Watch A Bunch Of Good Samaritans Leave Their Cars To Help A Driver That Became Unconscious And Slowly Rolled Through A Busy Intersection

I thought we could use a palate cleanser on the blog/timeline/life considering all the drama that has been flying around these parts lately, let alone all the bullshit in the world. So I humbly present a bunch of random strangers coming together to help another stranger in need. In Florida no less! 

It's one thing to offer directions to someone or give up your seat on a train for a pregnant woman. It's quite another to play Frogger in the middle of an intersection. I consider myself a pretty good person, but I don't think there is a chance in hell I would've been one of the first dozen people to leave their car to help this lady. Maybe humanity isn't doomed after all.

*Thinks about everything I've seen on the internet over the last couple of years*

Yeahhhhhh, we're completely fucked. But at least there will be a couple of bumps of kindness before we wipe ourself off of this planet.