We Are All This Little Kid Trying To Break A Board At Karate Class

Let’s not try to re-invent the wheel here, this is a funny fucking video and there’s a reason it has like a billion views in a day. Little shit is all confident in his board breaking abilities until the board comes out and then his brain crumbles into a million pieces. Starts broad jumping on it, starts using his hands, like he completely forgot all those practice rounds that he went through. I feel ya kid. Been there. It’s just life. One second it’s trying to tell your brain how to step on a board and break it, next thing you know you’re in a bar hyping yourself up to talk to a girl and you walk over and have nothing to say. It’s the same thing, just different ages and locations. And then you start using all sorts of weird techniques that only dig you further down the hole. So the more life changes, the more it stays the same. But hey, sometimes you walk over to the girl and she gives you enough chances and you fucking break the board. Hi-ya! Right in half! Usually it’s after 20 drinks, but what can ya do. In the morning a broken board is a broken board and you just have to hope it’s skinny and STD free.