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Claude Giroux Is Back To Scoring Ridiculously Filthy Goals In The Playoffs Again

Holy shit Claude. You dirty, dirty dog. 

Just some of the most viciously lethal hands on the planet. He has the ability to make a goalie question every single life decision they ever made to bring them to that moment where G has them moving 5 feet in the opposite direction before he buries it in the back of the net. A nasty goal from 28 and the exact type of exclamation point the Cats needed to put on that comeback win. What a goal. What a player. And as you can tell from the reaction on the Panthers bench, the ultimate teammate. 

Just a quick little noggin smooch for Carter Verhaeghe. 

Claude Giroux hasn't gotten a chance to play a ton of playoff hockey the past few years as Philly wasted his prime. So I'm just so glad he finally gets to play with a roster who can make use out of his talent. He gave everything to the Flyers and I'm just glad the Flyers could give him this run he's going on with the Panthers in return. One more win to close out the series, and then it's on to the next. Do it for Claude. Do it for Jumbo. Do it for all the guys who have put in their time and have earned it. Go Cats. 

P.S. - Chief made the list for this one.