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An Airplane Passenger With No Experience Flying Was Forced To Land His Plane After The Pilot Became Incoherent During The Flight

Yup, I'm gonna throw a big ol' FUUUUUUUCK THIS on that video right there. I act like a little bitch when there is the littlest hint of turbulence of a gigantic plane with rocket engines that has flown a zillion flights across the planet without a problem. So I couldn't imagine being asked to land one of these little rinky dink planes that Harrison Ford has made a career out of crashing. However it all made sense after hearing the passenger talking with the control tower.

So that guy must just be the coolest motherfucker on the planet, right? Basically an every day Big Shot Bob Horry or some dude that has been mellowed out by the Florida sun to not giving a fuck about losing his life because you would think this guy was being asked to ride a bike with training wheels for the first time when he got on the mic. The only people that sounded confused were the dudes in the control tower that heard some rando just landed a plane with no experience, pilot school, or even watching one of PFT's flight simulator Twitch streams. Just a dude with giant balls and ice in his veins.

Also how incoherent would a pilot have to be for me not to trust him enough to land the plane so I'd do it myself? Trick question asshole. If that pilot is breathing, he's attempting the landing. Hell, if he's dead, I'm just hoping the last thing his body does is go use the muscle memory that comes with landing planes all the time to get us wheels down. All of those options are better than my dumb ass trying to land a bird myself.