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Alpha Moves Only: Sam Howell Has Never Had Steak, Burgers, Or Seafood and He Brings His Own Chicken Fingers To Team Dinners


Some people are looking at this in a negative light. Wondering how a grown man, an NFL QB, could never have eaten steak or burgers or seafood in his life. Me though? Me, a person with a brain? I think there's nothing more alpha than this. We are all SUCKERS for continuing to try new foods when chicken tenders and chicken fingers exist. Riddle me this: Once you have had chicken fingers why would ever need anything else? It's galaxy brain shit. 

Plus, factor this in: he's from North Carolina, home of Bojangles and where Raising Cane's is everywhere. So he grew up on the GOATs. 

I don't think there's anything more intimidating than a QB who is so set in his ways a steak can't even affect him. He keeps his head down, studies film, and eats chicken tendies til the cows come home. I think that's the sign of a franchise QB. Tom Brady doesn't eat tomatoes, Sam Howell doesn't eat burgers, Super Bowl here we fucking come.