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Anybody Who Works At Barstool Sports And Has A Burner Account Is A LOSER And Deserves To Be Outed ASAP

THE BURNERS EXIST!!! And they need to be exposed! KFC has gone as far as he could, and now I, CBS, who am not a burner as I am verified on Twitter and only REAL people/organizations can be verified (FACTS ONLY) have to throw the hat in the ring! ANYONE who has a burner account at Barstool Sports who uses it to talk about their coworkers are certified SCUM! And now we come to find out there are people at HQ who are BLOCKING this so-called list from coming to light? 

Giphy Images.

Yup! Not suspicious whatsoever! That's it, Deke! You get the dreaded FOLLOW! Which OBVIOUSLY means it's OVER! Somehow! 

PS - Suns In Four! 

PPS - The Blockhead is LIVE NOW with the animal.