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This Adorable And Very Talented Corgi Is Currently My Mortal Enemy

When the NBA playoff start, you can immediately throw rational thought out the window. Any sort of logic or sane way of thinking is immediately tossed to the side. This can present itself when you think about matchups and actual basketball stuff, but more importantly, this time of year is when everyone becomes extremely superstitious. For example, as I've navigated through the MIL/BOS series, I noticed a trend heading into Game 4

Guess who got back to watching the games alone in my house and who won Game 4? If you think I am allowing a single person to enter my house tonight you are out of your goddamn mind. Is this logical? Of course not. Do I feel like ultimately the success of my favorite basketball team solely depends on this one decision? Absofuckinglutely. We all have our rituals with this stuff. Maybe you only watch a game from a certain spot. Maybe you wear a lucky t-shirt or something. This is what being a fan is all about during this time of year.

You also look anywhere and everywhere for any potential signs of how a series could go. That's what brings me to that adorable corgi. I'm a big corgi guy. I've actually had conversations in my house about adding a corgi to my wolfpack of two Saint Bernards. That's why it brings me no joy to now have to consider that corgi above as my mortal enemy. I am left with no choice. When I first saw that video, fellow Celts stoolies were quick to inform me that this same dog also predicted Nets in 6. That made me feel a little better but here's the truth. Every round is different. Normally I would ignore this, but there was one part that had me shook to my core. 

The Game 3 ball. 

You see how that barely went in? How it could have gone either way but ultimately went into the Bucks basket right at the end in the closing seconds? Well....

If you wanted to be legitimately crazy, those Giannis and Jrue shots sort of rolled around the rim, just like in that video.

So yeah, as someone who was already a nervous wreck about this series, that shit had me shook. I'm man enough to admit that. I understand how there is no logic behind that reaction but it's the playoffs man, everything is on the table. Did I wake up and know that one day I would have a corgi as my mortal enemy? Nope. But that's what can happen over the course of a series. 

I know this is nothing new and that animals have been predicting playoff series/huge games for forever, and most of the time they're wrong. At the same time, sometimes they're right. For all we know that corgi is full of shit, but I just can't fully shake that Game 3 shot. That shit was spooky.

Is this all just a reaction to me going fucking crazy waiting for Game 5 to tip off? Yes. Yes it is. All I know is it'll take one of the best performances of the season to take out Giannis and potentially a corgi with super powers. I've never needed this damn dog to be wrong about anything more than this series prediction. Very cute, very talented, but let's hope they are also very wrong.