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The Mariners Playoff Drought Has Now Officially Outlasted The Full Lifespan Of The iPod.

Shoutout to SithWonder on Reddit for uncovering this absolute gem of a stat. With the official death of the iPod yesterday, the Seattle Mariners entire playoff drought has outlived the lifespan of the iPod. You heard that correctly, the iPod debuted, had a hell of a run and a full life in the timespan that the Mariners have missed the playoffs. The iPod was officially unveiled on October 23rd, 2001 and just one day earlier on October 22nd, 2001 the Mariners lost Game 5 of the ALCS to the Yankees. That was their very last trip to the playoffs, 21 years ago. We all knew about the streak and how long it's been and how maybe this is the year they break it, but when you compare it to the lifespan of an iPod it's even more mind blowing they've gone that long. We've had new technology debut, put up career numbers, and then become obsolete. Meanwhile the Mariners can't find homegrown pitching talent. It's almost shocking that a team could go that long without making the playoffs, 21 years is so damn long. They aren't looking too good right now at 14-17, but plenty of time to turn it around. Maybe we should start looking at what other technology started in 2001 and compare it to the length of this playoff drought. 

I'm also struggling to figure out what is more shocking. The playoff drought or the fact that Apple was still making iPods in 2022? When was the last time someone went about bought just an iPod? Not a iPhone, just the iPod. 2007? Maybe some broke boi android users, but they couldn't have been selling many at all. Tough day for some Mariners fans who still listen to their iPod, they're getting it from all angles right now. RIP iPod.