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Alright Parents, The 'One Bite' Pizza Plush Toy Has Arrived

When my (perfect and #advanced) son couldn't sit up yet we'd put him on those little, plush sensory mats and I'd hold up colorful images & have his hands scrunch around on various crinkle toys.. Really tried to get those tiny muscles moving & brain synapses firing. All those parts got me thinking... 

"Wouldn't it be great if we had a compact toy that combined all those elements? And was something he could continue to enjoy as he grows? And that maybe helped me out at work because momma really needs a win? ha ha"

Aha! Lo & behold the One Bite pizza toy was born... 

- Velvety-soft material, non-toxic, non-irritant materials

- Crinkles, but not too loud

- Completely plush, so it's safe for road trips & is squishy enough to pack easily on trips

- Solid color contrast, textures & sounds so it's great for 'tummy time' with small babies, but also looks realistic enough that toddlers/older kids can use it for imagination play

- The box & pizza have velcro attachments, so slices won't get lost (ok, they still probably will in true kid toy form), but the velcro is easy enough that even babies can have fun pulling parts off

- You can re-enact pizza reviews with your kid to exploit them for social media purposes #QualityBondingTime

- Dave Portnoy approved, and if there's anyone you think of when it comes to children's toys it's the number 1 selling author of Sharks Have Feelings, Too

I could go on & on, and I know it's nothing ground breaking or that crazy, but I can honestly say it's a great, fun toy that my son loves playing with. We've had the prototypes since he was a few months old, and instead of getting tired of it we keep finding new ways to enjoy it. Think that's why I'm legit excited about it, I know it's good! Hope you check it out & enjoy it, too!

Alright Frankie, that's it for now.