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This TikTok User Who Finds the Games Playing in TV Shows Needs to Be Working for the NSA

I've seen this man come up on my TikTok feed a handful of times now and how he isn't already solving cyber crimes for the government is beyond me. He can find anything.

I've seen plenty of his videos that were very impressive, but nothing like the one above. This man really found a 1992 Louisville Redbirds-Buffalo Bisons game from one blurry shot of a mound meeting. There's no telling how many minor league teams he had to go through to even find the Louisville Redbirds, who have rebranded twice since they were known by that nickname.

If he doesn't get scooped up by the CIA or NSA, I'd bet this guy could make a pretty penny doing some investigative work for girlfriends around the county. If your man has made even the slightest inkling of a fuck-up, @noproblemgambler will find out in no time.

I'm going to watch these videos for the rest of the day. I am mesmerized.