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Only The 2022 Cincinnati Reds Could Have A $3 Beer, $2 Hot Dog Night And Apparently Run Out Of Both During The 4th Inning

Just when you think things can't get lower for the 2022 Cincinnati Reds they have this 3-2-1 promotion and it all goes to hell. A simple - and great - promotion. $3 beer, $2 hot dogs and $1 ice cream cups. I mean throw in a soft pretzel there and you can debate Mt. Rushmore of ball park food there. That said, only the 2022 Cincinnati Reds could somehow run out of BOTH beer and hot dogs in the 4th inning. That's especially true when there are like 432 people in the crowd total. It's not like they are packing the place. 

Been quite the year for the Reds. They decided to get rid of all their good players, try to stay cheap, have their owner threaten to move the team, lose a shit ton of games and now this. When will it end for my friends here in Cinci? When will they get to drink cheap beer for the entire game? 

At least my pal Mo was able to help make things right. Oh you ran out of 12 ouncers? Fine, give me the 16 ounce one. Then alert the masses and have everyone go drink them out of 16 ounce beers. Stick it to the Castellini family and make them order all new beers. You know that just eats them up since they are some of the cheapest owners in all of sports. Now, sure, all beers in Cincinnati are cheap. Part of the reason I love living here. But you can't do a 3-2-1 promotion and run out of beer and hot dogs. I mean hot dogs? I didn't even know it was possible to run out of hot dogs. 

At least they are 6-24. They'll always have those 6 wins.