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Auston Matthews Is Officially That Dude

Maybe I am a meatball, but this isn't a game the Leafs win historically. McDonough scored that goal in the 3rd period to tie the game at 3-3 and that is when Toronto would ALWAYS crumble. The sticks would be squeezed and the goalie would be leaky. Not tonight. Maybe not this year. Auston Matthews has looked different this series. He has taken his game to a different level. It was noticeable right way

I am sure the Toronto Tavern is buzzing tonight. 

I feel like we are witnessing an ascension to super stardom right before our eyes. Some people will get pissy and say that Matthews was already a star, and in some respects they're right, but the real ones have playoff moments like this. Messier in Game 7 vs New Jersey, Gretzky against Toronto in 1993, Kane against the Kings and Flyers. You score goals that are burned into everyone's brain and you get cast in bronze. If Matthews ends this playoff losing streak he will get that reverence and those memories. It is fucking over my barstool sportsbook account, but I don't really care. It's been a great series to watch and Matthews is taking over.