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The Padres' Mike Clevinger Is Rocking New Ligaments & Fresh Pigtails On The Mound

Recently I'd wondered what the hot style trend would be in baseball this year and assumed it would revolve around necklaces, as per usual. 

Turns out I was way off.

Fellas, toss out your accessories... The go-to this time around isn't jewelry; it's hair. Pigtails to be exact:

Fresh off a two year absence following Tommy John surgery (they literally take a healthy tendon from somewhere else in your body & replace a ligament in your elbow with it, pretty big deal), Mike Clevinger is back on the mound for the Padres in STYLE.

I expect these images to be followed by a million #VerySeriousAndManlyMen tweeting things like, "Pshh, this ain't it," and versions of "ughHh, tHaT'S wOkeNeSs fOR yA," knowing full well the only thing they've ever thrown out quickly is their backs attempting to shift their old, crumb-caked LaZBoy recliners more towards the TV. 

Personally I love it & hope that MLB writer Ryan Fagan was onto something back in '18. New 'do every inning:

Congrats to Clevinger on his comeback & hope he continues crushing the Cubs tonight, pigtails 'n all.