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Guy Who Lost His Fantasy Football League Was 'Punished' By Having To Play In A US Open Qualifying Event ... Shoots A 112


Let's get one thing straight. This isn't a punishment for the guy who got to golf in a US Open Qualifying Event. This is a punishment for those playing with him. Shit, just look at that text message again. That sounds awful. We all have that one friend that we dread playing with. Not saying we're great by any means, but the guy who shoots a 110 on a regular public course. Or even worse the guy who does that but takes 5 minutes to hit a shot. Just grip it and rip it man. We're just out here trying to shoot in the low 90s and have a few drinks. Just slice it 45 yards, look at your club like something went wrong there and then hit it again. 

I feel like you gotta make an exception for the actual golfers playing with this guy. Dude didn't even know what tee to show up on? That's day 1 stuff. You get a round thrown off right away with something like that and then double it when you see this clown duff it 10 yards off the tee. 

I'd be livid. I wouldn't blame the two other partners in the group to go full Bob Barker on this guy and/or leave him on a tee. Just point him left and immediately rush right. There's gotta be a way to avoid this for everyone else involved. Like I said this isn't a punishment. Dude got to go play a round of golf. That's quite literally what we try to do multiple times a week. 

Shout out those three pars though. Impressive. I'd be telling everyone only about those three holes.