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Someone Finally Said It: Mike Brey Thinks Everyone Should 'Shut Up And Stop Complaining About NIL/Transfer Portal'

I was wondering what coach would go the complete opposite way and stop truly complaining about NIL/transfer portal. I did not expect to be sitting here this afternoon and Mike Brey be that guy. Then again, I should have saw it coming. If a man is willing to do this: 

Then sure, he won't be afraid to tell everyone to shut up because they make a lot of money. It's also just, you know, true. You have to adjust. It's why I say college sports is changing not dying. It's also why I didn't overreact to Jay Wright retiring. Shocking? Absolutely. But the trend? For sure not. It's why I hate people linking Wright's retirement to Roy and K. Roy and K weren't exactly young. Roy battled health injuries as we saw him collapse on the sideline. It's not the same as Jay retiring. 

There's basically a line in the sand for coaches though. Get out of the game like Jay or adjust like Brey says. Now most coaches, basically none, are as decorated as Jay Wright is at 60 years old. So that leaves you having to adjust. It's all about how you maintain players, deal with the portal and everything like that. It's what makes Brey's quote about the Bible even better. 

Not to mention, the portal isn't end all, be all. A bunch of players hit the portal and go back to their school. They weigh the options, see what's out there and make a decision. Seems, I don't know, rational. 

Speaking of great movements. I want to shout out Bob Huggins real quick: 

[Source] - "We didn't feel like we were getting the results that we wanted with the warnings," said Bob Huggins, committee chair and head coach at West Virginia. "Our goal is to continue to try to get flopping out of the game. The committee believes giving the officials the ability to call a Class B technical foul the first time they see a player faking being fouled, it will be more of a deterrent." 

Hell yes. Will it fix block/charge. Of course not. That won't be changed until refs stop rewarding guys for just falling down. But if the threat of a technical is there right away, do it. Flopping is getting out of control. It's not enjoyable to watch and it also just ruins the flow of the game. You get too many times a wrong call or a pointless review. Hit someone with a technical for flopping and that game won't see as much. The game needs it, so lead from the front Huggy Bear.