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Tonight Will Be the Orioles' First Game in 'New' Busch Stadium, Which Opened in 2006

If you think college football conferences' inter-division schedules are insane, MLB — as it so often does — has something more ridiculous. Tonight, the Baltimore Orioles will play their first game at the current Busch Stadium. The ballpark opened in 2006.

I am genuinely confused as to how this even happens. If you play one division from the opposite league every year, that should mean an American League team would play every National League team once every three years and in every NL ballpark once every six years. I could understand one year of the rotation getting screwed up for whatever reason, but Baltimore still should have traveled to St. Louis multiple times over by now. I don't get it.

Just one of those crazy baseball quirks, I guess. Enjoy this series if you're an Orioles or Cardinals fan, because you may not see these teams in St. Louis again for another 19 years.