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The Hot Ice Boys Are Back With Winners, and Carl's Big Announcement (Draft)

Carl,Ev and Myself are back for a Tuesday edition of Hot Ice. I likely say it every week two times a week, but I love the picks we gave out. Ev and Carl give out the Twins as a dog, which was my runner up to The Rockies at +170 who I think are a LIVE dog tonight. 

The Best Bets are juicy. We love a late west coast game. Carl is all over a pitching matchup to take advantage of. We banter about Aaron Boone's antics which I am slowly falling in love with. 

Lastly, Carl has a huge announcement regarding his new podcast (even though he's already announced it). It's the first time we've seen him since the announcement so he gives a great breakdown of Starting 9 with Jake Arietta . Go check that out right here. It's going to be great for Carl and the company. Here's the full link : Starting 9: How Jake Arietta Joined Barstool Sports

Here's today's full episode  :


Welp, that's it .... 

Oh you thought I forgot about the best parlay in the game right now ? The Hit Parade ???  I damn sure didn't ... here it is : 

Bonus parlay of the day : 

If you wanna get nuts and parlay all our best bets and dogs together (Rays, Twins, Rockies, DBacks) it pays out 22-1 . 

Follow the sharable bet slip here

Happy Gambling, see you on Thursday !