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It's Ridiculous How Enjoyable Draymond Is Talking Shit On His Podcast Right After Blocking Jaren Jackson's Game-Tying 3

Again, here's the play: 

I shouldn't like Draymond. I'm not a Michigan State fan and I'm not a Warriors fan. It's not even like I hate the Warriors, I just don't cheer for them necessarily. But Draymond? This dude is awesome. He's one of the few that talks the shit and backs it up. In this case he did the backing up portion first. Game on the line he came through with a massive play. Say what you want about the guy but he defends his ass off. That's a hell of play. 

He says it on the court after and then makes sure to clear it up on the podcast. 

Pretty clear message. Don't go at him for game. That's the mindset I want a player to say. He earned the right to talk shit. It's also exactly why Draymond is going to be on Inside the NBA whenever his career is done. He's not afraid to talk - just mention the words 'Rudy Gobert' around him. He'll call out players, he gives credit, he talks shit. That's what we love about Chuck. 

My only wish here was Draymond did the podcast sooner. Do it from the locker room. Get that out ASAP and really drive it home. Jaren Jackson could have an awesome game (and he did), just don't you dare think about going at Draymond with the game on the line. Do it while you're still in uniform. Go all the way in and make it even better. 

I know people like to give Draymond shit for being a triple-single guy and not winning without Steph and Klay. He's also won a lot. He's a main reason the Warriors won those titles. He's part of the core that helped turn the Warriors into what they were and are.