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Video: Girl Loses Shoe, Runs Back For It, And STILL Crushes Race By A Landslide

Holy shit! Clearly toughness runs in the family since she happens to be the daughter of pro boxer, Terence Crawford. It's all the more impressive if you've ever run track & know how hard that is to do... 

In high school I was very athletic and played field hockey, lacrosse & basketball, and so then I joined the track team thinking, "How hard could 'just running' be?" 


I ran the 800 and I was TERRIBLE. Genuinely can't think of a single race where I didn't come in dead last & sometimes they would even get tired of waiting & start the next race while they waited for me to finish. Eventually I gave up trying completely & would be on the sides eating junk food right before I had to run. "Oh, yeah ha ha I'm just doing this track stuff to stay in shape for the other sports I play," became a common refrain. 

So, long story short, if that were me and my shoes fell off I would have packed it up & called it a day right then & there. Furthermore, I bet there would have been tears of embarrassment followed by more eating snacks on the sideline. 

That she began the race so strong she flew out of her shoe, didn't hesitate for even a second to turn around & go back for it, and then popped it back on & went into high gear, seemingly automatically, speaks volumes about the type of athlete she is. I'll say it: ELITE

The video has even been re-Tweeted by several track greats like 12x gold medal Olympian Michael Johnson, and I'm not quite sure how old these kids are, but I wouldn't be surprised if she does on to do great things in the sport. And to all the haters ripping on who I'm assuming is her mom for yelling to much, if that were my kid I'd be hootin' at the top of my lungs & doing cartwheels in the stands. Hell yeah!

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