Now That Man City Signed Erling Haaland And Ended That Saga, It's Going To Be AWESOME When They Lose In Horrific Fashion Again

And there it is. The Erling Haaland saga is over and it's of course Man City. Man City gets all the good players. They are basically the old school Yankees with how they spend money and bring in guys like Grealish and Haaland the last couple of years. But all that means is it's going to be awesome when they lose in horrific fashion again. Remember last week? 

Not sure how they can lose in more horrific fashion but it's all I want. Well, I'd like Tottenham to be top-4 and not fuck around, but other than that this is what I'm cheering for. I hate the Yankees. I hate Man City. There's something beautiful about a 'dream team' not winning. It's not even like Real Madrid is some scrappy team, they are Real fucking Madrid. But seeing Man City and Pep lose* that way just brings a smile to my face.

*I will change my tune on Pep if he becomes the USMNT manager for 2026. 

It's not a secret that every team wanted Haaland. It was whether he'd go to Real Madrid, Bayern, Man City, etc. Man City just paid a shit ton of money for a star. Now it's time to do what we do best and cheer against a power like that. I mean I get it for Haaland, but I also wish he just stayed at Dortmund and dominated. There was something cool about him there. I am a little concerned how Dortmund's biggest fan Clem will handle the news. The big man is caught up in Mets season but he's had too much heartbreak. 

PS: This feels like tampering. Can I bring up a tampering charge? 


Can't imagine leaving a decent team for a perceived powerhouse. I would never.