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Lake Mead Is Drying Up Near Las Vegas And What Do You Know...The Mob Dumped A Ton Of Bodies In There

A second set of human remains have been discovered at Lake Mead reservoir over the weekend, days after a man's body was found in a barrel exposed by a drought.

Lindsey and Lynette Melvin reportedly found the skeletal remains at Callville Bay within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Nevada around 2 p.m. Saturday, KTNV reported. 

Photos of the grisly discovery show a skull, complete with teeth, nestled into the dirt and sand near the lake's shore. Other bones are seen sticking out of the sand at various angles.

But police warned that more bodies could turn up after a man's remains were found in a metal barrel last week that was exposed amid an ongoing drought.

The water level of Lake Mead has dropped so much that a water intake valve which supplies Las Vegas has become visible for the first time since 1971.

A new definition for the Wild Wild West. A time when the mob built a city and the foundation was the bones of people who got in their way. I don't know if the anyone who put those bodies in the Lake are still connected to the goings on in Vegas or if they're even alive themselves, but if they are they're probably lobbying the EPA, donating to the NRDC, and actively trying to push environmental legislation to get water levels back up and stop developmental digs because all of those bodies that they thought were sleeping peacefully with the fishes are about to come crawling out of the water and bite them in the ass. 

Pretty crazy scene to just have guys who were counting cards one day, disappear the next, and then pop up for some sunshine like 40 years later

If the mob had been able to predict water shortages and climate change they'd be getting rid of bodies in a more safe method

Obligator body moving scene even though it's not from Casino