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Not Only Did Colorado Kill The Predators' Season, They Viciously Murdered Their Nets On The Way Out

Just imagine working for the Nashville Predators Ice Crew. Your team gets matched up against the Colorado Avalanche in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You know you could have been on vacation already but like Darryl Sutter famously predicted, you had to waste 8 more days in your life playing 4 more games against Colorado. Doesn't matter who it was, the Avs were always going to sweep that first series. Season could have been over. You could have been enjoying your time getting wasted on Broadway, you could have been golfing, you could have taken a trip somewhere out of the country. Instead, you have to show up to Bridgestone Arena 2 more times just to watch your team get shit kicked. 

On top of all that, the final game of the season finally arrives. Game 4 with the Avs already out to a commanding 3-0 series lead. You know it's over. These are the final 60 minutes of your job you have to do for the year. Time to pack your shit and get ready for the offseason. Just when you think your work here is finally done...

Andre Burakovsky gets the party started in game 4 by launching a piss missle straight to the top bunk and ripping right through the net. Just the absolute worst. Haven't seen a guy murder the net like that since Jack from MVP. 

Easily the greatest hockey movie of our time. 

But the point here is now the ice crew has even more work to do. It's like giving out a test on the last day of school. Cruel and unusual punishment from the Avs. Speaking of cruel and unusual. 

Cale Makar should be forced to apologize for what he's doing to the league right now. 3 goals and 7 assists in 4 playoff games. I said last week that he's going to break the record for most points in a single Stanley Cup Playoff. Only thing that might prevent that from happening is if the Avs just sweep their way to the Cup and he only gets a chance to play 16 games. Somebody give them a challenge, please.