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French Soccer Club Lyon Correctly Released Marcelo Because He Was Farting In The Locker Room And Laughing About It After Losing 3-0

[Daily Mail] - Lyon's decision to sack their veteran centre back Marcelo last season was in part due to him FARTING in the dressing room and laughing about it with his team-mates, it has been revealed.

One of the most bizarre situations is that of Brazilian defender Marcelo, who was mysteriously kicked out of the first-team in August 2021, before leaving the club under a cloud just a few months later.

It has now been reported that his exit was sparked by his flatulence in the dressing room - and the ensuing laughter with team-mates - which riled the hierarchy during a difficult period for the club on the pitch.

I'm pro-fart. If you gotta fart, you gotta do it. That said, you can't be laughing and ripping ass in the locker room after losing 3-0. I'm more pro-win than I am pro-fart. That's why fair is fair here. You have brand new leadership at Lyon and you can't be having a supposed 'leader' on the field be ripping ass and laughing about it in the locker room after losing. Sets a bad tone. You can laugh about it before a match or during practice, but you can't after a loss. Not until you win something of note. Once you win something of note with the new leadership you can shit in the locker room for all I care and laugh about it. 

I need to know more about the fart though. Was it loud? Was it a squeaker? Did he fart in someone's direction? What sort of smell are we dealing with here? These are all important questions that need to be addressed in the investigation. Sometimes a fart is funny. It's hard to ignore that. But if he's the only one laughing at the fart, then yeah, you gotta cut him. No other way about it. If everyone is laughing though? Well, you gotta make an example I guess. 

Just know there's a strict no farting policy in the Lyon locker room after a loss. Save that shit for wins only.