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There Goes NIL Ruining College Sports Again: Antoine Davis Is Coming Back To Detroit And Sharing All His NIL Money With Teammates

Ugh, fucking NIL am I right? All I ever hear is how these selfish kids won't transfer and decide to come back to a mid-major while deciding to split a good amount of money with his teammates. Ruining the game. I'll never be able to look at Detroit Mercy the same. And it's not like Antoine Davis is a nobody. He's going to go down as one of the best scorers to ever play college basketball from a statistical standpoint. He was one of the more coveted transfers who turned down big schools to stay at Detroit. Sure, you could also say it's because his dad is the head coach at Detroit but he also did exactly what the transfer portal is there for. Weigh your options, see what's out there to better yourself and then make a decision. For Davis it's coming back to Detroit, a place he's trying to take to the NCAA Tournament and finish his legacy as one of the best players in school history.  

Now, naturally, the NCAA is trying to change NIL: 

It's basically a bunch of nothing because it's the NCAA and they have no idea how to rule anything. But it's just hilarious that the same day Antoine Davis decides this, the NCAA drops this little tidbit. All I know is for everyone bitching about NIL 'ruining the game' (it's not), here's an NIL story that should have you confused about that. Mid-majors are still going to be around and have a chance. The NCAA Tournament is still going to be filled with upsets and stories. It's changing, not dying.