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Tom Brady Has Declared He Is #TeamHank

Eric Canha. Shutterstock Images.

By now everyone is aware of the inner-office Barstool drama involving Hank, Marty, and Ria. Former Pats Super Bowl winning receiver and thirst trap gawd Julian Edelman tweeted his allegiance this evening. 

Seeing as he's been a guest on Pardon My Take and a noted AWL, it wasn't the most surprising declaration. But what happened next certainly could classify as that:

Handsome Hank's favorite athlete ever voicing his support and empathy for what Honk is going through to the world spoke volumes about his loyalty. Also using the hashtag #DefendTheWall which was a callback to 'The Brady 4', Dave, Gaz, Feitelberg, and Hank staging the sit-in at NFL HQ after Deflategate. 

Hank was giddy in his reply to TB12:

It was probably the first thing that came to his mind based on the timestamps, but it was beautiful. So pure and definitely turned things around for our old pal Corporate Hank. He also issued this final statement on the drama.