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This Is The Single Saddest Movie Scene In History

ATTENTION: MAJOR SPOILERS IN BOTH PODCAST AND THIS BLOG FOR "MANCHESTER BY THE SEA" ever feel like you just need a good cry? Like you've been carrying the weight of your own feelings for years and years and years, but you do NOT want to actually acknowledge them under any circumstances with therapy or introspection? Well I have the answer for you. A movie that will pull that plug on the drain and let your emotions and tears POUR out of you without the effort or honesty that a well adjusted person would be able to do by themselves. This is it. Manchester By The Sea. I wouldn't have even blogged this if Eddie, Carl, or WSD had seen the movie. Critically acclaimed. Pretty sure it won major awards. Had hype. The raccoons on the panel hadn't seen it because of course they hadn't. They're sitting around crying and wiping cheetoh dust from their eyes at Shrek. Because of that I knew I could likely get the actual saddest moment ever in the 2nd round. 

Including both scenes to give the full affect of the situation. You really should watch the full movie if you haven't.

Then years later he sees his now ex-wife with her new baby from her new husband on the street as he has been languishing in the deepest possible depths of depression

Those scenes, especially the second one for me, is like wringing your heart out as if it's a wet rag and tears just coming rushing out of your face. Don't face your problems head on. Just watch these scenes on your phone and then immediately step into the shower so you can let those emotions out in solitude. That used to be called being a man. 

Another draft that probably won't be appreciated in real time, but this is the ultimate cry scene. Happened to me again watching these youtubes while writing this blog. 

Obviously the video is above, but the pod links should be in this tweet here