FIRST LOOK At The Miami Grand Prix On The Upcoming F1 22 Video Game

Here's a first look at the Miami Grand Prix on the upcoming F1 '22 video game! I got early access to try the game out and F1 22 looks incredible. The Miami Grand Prix drove much better than I was expecting and Codemasters continue to add stunning elements to their graphics. While driving through the Miami track, the grand scale of the surrounding area and venue is spectacular to see. I'm also extremely impressed by the detail added into the track prior to the race being done.

Think about it like you're one of the game developers: all you have to work off are models and projections. Until this past weekend, we never truly knew what the track would look like in real life. For a game developer, you have to start working on the track way before that to make sure it's ready to be implemented into the next F1 game. Hats off to the developers, because they did a phenomenal job.

At the bottom of this blog, I'll be linking a full video of the Miami Grand Prix on F1 22 plus an interview with the Senior Creative Director, Lee Mather.

I'm sure a very similar situation is going on with the Las Vegas Grand Prix that's coming to Formula 1 in 2023. On a separate, I can't wait to be flying down the Vegas strip in F1 23…

Full Miami Grand Prix on F1 22 Plus An Interview With The Senior Creative Director, Lee Mather

Next is to get Big Cat to try the new track…