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Noted Genius Charles Barkley Has The Only Correct Solution To Stop Fans From Being Idiots - A 5 Minute Fight At Half Court

Yep, there it is right there. This is exactly what should be done. I'm pretty sure we've talked about this sort of solution for years but I like that Chuck has planned it out. He probably knows what fan he'd want to fight first. Love his strategy of the slow burn. He's not going to knock you out in 1 punch, Ronnie from Jersey Shore style. Oh no. It's 1,000 paper cuts before a haymaker. Honestly that's worst case scenario. You know you're going to lose that fight, no matter how cocky you are. You just hope to get out of it without a completely rearranged face. Not with Chuck around. He's going to slowly rip you apart before one haymaker before the bell rings. 

This is obviously in conversation after the Chris Paul situation: 

I don't care how much money people make, there's just a line you don't cross with anyone. Being rich shouldn't let people say whatever the hell they want to you. If there's a line and it's crossed, you get the 5 minute fight. Like Chuck said, say it to my face. I'm all for shit talking, in fact I think we need even more shit talking, but there's always a line. Be funny, get under people's skin but don't cross it. Pretty simple rules to live by. Don't like it, be prepared for Chuck to fight you.