There's A Conspiracy Theory Going Viral On The Internet That Liverpool Has Been Cheating With Doctor's Notes For Drugs For Years

Well well well. Ain't this a funny coincidence. 63% of the Liverpool team has been diagnosed with asthma. The most elite athletes in the world on one of the world's most successful teams also has an epidemic of asthma running through the team. Orientation at Liverpool FC must be something else. "Welcome to Liverpool! Here is your kit, there is your locker, and go see the Doc down the hall so he can give your prescription for banned substances because you now have asthma wink wink". 

You'll never walk alone. You'll actually never walk at all. You'll be able to sprint a full 90 minutes as long as you have your special inhaler and medicine that is so effective that the Tour de France saw it fit to ban it.  Absolutely disgusting. Couldn't be my team. I kind of think Liverpool should be relegated because of this. Just take whoever finished 4th in the Championship division and put them in the Prem. That is the only just thing to do in this situation.