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Chris Paul Rightfully Loses His Shit After Dallas Fans Allegedly Have An Altercation With His Mother And Wife

Uhhhh what the hell? I'm sure there will be more details/video that come in the next few days, but the initial details we have here sure aren't great. What kind of asshole do you have to be to act this way at a sporting event? We all want our teams to win, we all talk shit, but I'm pretty sure any logical human who has a working brain knows you can't be putting your hands on people in the stands let alone someone's mother and wife. It doesn't matter if they are related to the player or just a regular person. It's also not even just because today is Mother's Day. Under no circumstances is this something that you can do. It feels like this sort of shit has been escalating recently when it comes to NBA fans and players and this is only going to add more fuel to that fire. Just be normal, why is that so hard? It's so easy to not act like a gigantic scumbag I don't see the problem. Enjoy the fact that Luka has the Mavs back in the series at 2-2 and call it a day and go about the rest of your life. It's easy to do and tens of thousands of other people figure out how to do it.

I know people don't like Paul as a player. They think he's dirty and all this other shit. I'm also pretty sure that doesn't grant you some sort of pass to put hands on his mother and wife. That feels insane just to type. Again, it's very easy to just be a normal person and have yourself a fun day at a huge playoff game and not act like an asshole. 

My guess is we'll soon hear about how this fan is banned for life. Not sure how you couldn't if everything in the investigation checks out. With how comfortable fans have gotten in NBA arenas, Adam Silver needs to figure this shit out before we have a legit Malice At The Palace 2.0.