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The Mets Have Beaten Down The Phillies So Badly This Season, They Are Now Ending Relationships

PUT IT IN THE BOOKS!!! For those keeping track at home, the Mets have now broken Phillies fans trust in their big bopper lineup after they watched the Broad Street "Bombers" get no hit by Tylor Megill and 4 bullpen arms last Friday, broke the Phillies fans spirits after watching the Mets come back from a 7-1 deficit in the 9th inning this Friday, and are now breaking Phillies fans hearts as they watch The Fightins drop to 0-3 in series against the Mets despite the fact Jacob deGrom has yet to pick up a baseball this season. 

Giphy Images.

In all seriousness though, thoughts and prayers to this Phils fan that got sniped booking his reservation to the doghouse for at least a month by an SNY producer that we need to hire here at Barstool to catch any drama happening around these parts. Spring is supposed to be the season of love but our guy in that beautiful powder blue jersey is gonna have to make a call to the bullpen to get any of that.

As for Mets fans, we are quickly putting together quite a collection of misery masterpieces, even though it's "only May" as every Phillies fan will tell you any time you show a glimmer of excitement about rooting for the first team to 20 wins this season.