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How To Order Tonight's Fight With Dave and Big Cat On The Call




As you might know, tonight is a pretty cool night for Barstool. Dave, Big Cat, Bob Fox, Caleb, Rone, and Large (oh my god what if I'm forgetting someone) are out in Vegas and doing their very own call for the entire card tonight. If you buy the fight at DAZN.com/barstool you get the Barstool feed. You get the fellas uncensored, doing the broadcast RnR style, but hopefully without the All Business Pete fuck ups. But then again, would it really be a Barstool broadcast without them? Hard to say.

Using the Barstool link to buy the fights shows DAZN and all other companies that Barstool can do cool shit like this and back it up with "numbies" as the kids 46 year olds say these days. Who knows what could be next? UFC? MLB? The Super Bowl????

Looking forward to a fun night of fights. Hope you all enjoy!