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Some Kid Named Happy Gilmore (No, Seriously) Played In A Local US Open Qualifier And Shot An 80

So apparently this is real. For those who don't know, you have to maintain a USGA handicap and be a 1.4 or lower to even enter a US Open qualifier. Something that I aspire but most likely will never come remotely close to being able to do. And there's some guy out there who is a legit stick named Happy Gilmore out there doing it. Which is fuckin awesome.

That had me thinking….

Well… I'm glad I asked. Upon a little bit of research… turns out this is just a kid. High School sophomore who happens to love Happy Gilmore and the Olive Garden.

Based on his website below, Happy is piling up trophies.

So yeah, some initially laughed at what they thought was some guy shooting an 80, but a 16 year old doing that in a US Open qualifier is nothing to be ashamed of. Far from it actually. I hope this kid is getting recruited heavily because putting Happy Gilmore on your roster will immediately catch eyeballs. If he's smart, kid should hit the gym hard and start piling up the NIL deals.

What a world we live in. Happy Gilmore irl. I love it.