A Poker Game Turned Into A No DQ Wrestemania Match For The Ages After A Guy Lobbed An Old Fashioned "Yo Mama" At His Opponent


That fight had EVERYTHING. Low stakes poker, a spit to the face, an old fashioned "yo mama!", and top it off, a table smashed right over his skull! I never knew Large was a poker player, but boy did he get heated! But I guess as the saying goes, you gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, and know when to bash a motherfucker over the head with a table like you're god damn Mick Foley.




Dude gave up real quick when the taser came out though. I think he had a nice come to Jesus "did I really just smash a dude over the head with a table?" and the answer is you're god damn right you did! The ol' 1-2 punch of "yo mama" followed by a table shot to the dome. But I give the other guy full credit- You can't be letting someone say your momma fell in the Grand Canyon and got stuck and not go after them. I mean, he got the worst of it BY FAR, but at least he stood up for his mother, which if I had to guess will be the last thing he ever stands for.

So just remember the next time someone hits a 3 outer on the river you have two choices: you can tap the table and call for more chips, or you can call on Devon AND GET THE TABLES!!!!!


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Just another day in an LA card room. 

I've only seen something like this happen once. It was about 2:30 am in an Atlantic City poker room. Guy tried to fight the entire table and 3 cops and the cops could not have shown more restraint. Kid was an absolute lunatic (and I'd guess 28 beers deep). I won a high hand for $500 that session. Good times.


PS: I'll be in Vegas for WSOP final week of June through the Main. LFG.


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