It's Sad And Pathetic Seeing These Grizzlies Media Members Crying About Warriors Players Not Getting Suspended

We're really doing this Grizzlies media people? We're really trying to say that Draymond should have been suspended for this vs what Dillon Brooks did: 

You know why Dillon Brooks is suspended for a game? Because Gary Payton II is out for an extended period of time with an elbow injury. I don't know what to tell you if you can't see the difference between the two fouls and why Brooks is being punished more. It was a nastier foul. 

But what's even sadder is complaining that Jordan Poole should be ejected for stepping onto the court. Shut the fuck up man. His teammate is down with an injury. I don't want to hear any crying about 'written book rules' or anything like that. If you want a guy suspended for stepping on the court after a play like this you're probably a gigantic loser.

I can't have these media guys ruining the Grizzlies. I don't care who wins this series. But the Grizzlies are damn fun with Ja and this young group. I get you want to defend your team, but you can't defend what Dillon Brooks did. No one from the Grizzlies are even arguing about it all or anything.