Here's What Happens When You Put A Blogger Between The Pipes And Let A Professional Lacrosse Player Shoot On Him


It was just a year ago that Will Perry scored 5 goals against Virginia in the National Semifinal game. On one of the game's biggest stages, against an All-American goalie, he took 9 shots and put the ball in the back of the net on 5 of them. He also currently plays for the Whipsnakes in the PLL, so the guy knows a thing or two about letting it fly. 

Then earlier this week he went out to some random park in New York with Doogs, took 10 shots and only scored on 4 of them. Am I saying that Doogs is better than a 2x National Champion goalie? No I'm not. But the numbers are saying that, and the numbers never lie. 

What I will say, however, is that the results of this goalie challenge are officially under investigation. We live in America. And in America, shots that don't hit the cage shouldn't count. You can't take ol' Billy Perry straight off the street and expect him to hit the net on 10 straight shots. Either let the young man get a decent warmup in or only count the shots that are on target. With that being said..this save was still pretty sick from Doogs. 

So who knows. Maybe a few more shots on net and we'd get even more highlight reel saves out of the kid. But until then, the final result is still pending. Quality performance nevertheless out of the best backup goalie in Long Island high school lacrosse history. 

Elsewhere in lacrosse news, most of the college lacrosse conference championship games are set after a ton of semifinal action yesterday. There weren't a ton of surprises and it was mostly chalk all around besides maybe Hobart dusting Bryant in the NEC. But tonight we have the Patriot League semis with BU vs Lehigh at 4pm and Army vs Loyola at 7pm. Then we have the Ivy League semifinals with Cornell vs Yale at 6pm and Brown vs Penn at 8:30. Get yourself ready on everything you need to know with the latest episode of The Crease Dive.