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People Are Wondering If Amber Heard Did A Quick Bump On The Stand


No one would be as bold to do a quick bump of coke out of a tissue while on trial for being a lunatic...right? But then again, I've heard what she did to Johnny Depp's bed, so nothing is off limits with this chick. She's an absolute nut-job of the highest order, so what is a little nose clam pick-me-up to her? It'd be daring for sure, but I would guess she's had some practice in the art. 


So you be the judge- did Amber Heard go skiing in plain sight? Or is it simply just allergy season and the internet is doing a classic overreaction? Also some people are saying it was something to force tears so she looks more sympathetic but that's lame. The actress can't cry on command? Sad! You make the call.