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Boston College WR Zay Flowers Turned Down Multiple Offers Worth Up to $600K to Transfer

ESPN — He told ESPN this week that in the three or four days prior to the May 1 portal deadline, he received multiple six-figure offers via intermediaries from name, image and likeness companies to enter the portal and transfer. He said he was told NIL companies would give him $600,000 to transfer to one school and there was another deal that would give him $300,000 to go to a different school. Flowers had not entered the NCAA transfer portal, nor given any public indication he intended to.

Flowers declined to name the schools and said none of them contacted him directly, rather the "schools reached to people close to me." He told Boston College coach Jeff Hafley about the offers and ultimately decided to stay at BC

I guess this is the week we’re just getting all these stories out there of college football players and the open market. First it was Jordan Addison — whose situation has yet to be resolved — then Xavier Worthy and now Zay Flowers, who says he received offers of $300,000 and $600,000 to transfer from Boston College.

I’ve said it multiple times now, but if you don’t like this, you’re simply going to have to get used to it. This is what college football is now and will be going forward, whether you think that’s for better or worse. There should probably be some rules so we don't have kids currently on rosters fielding calls from the highest bidder, but until those exist, it's the wild west. I hope Flowers still got a bag from BC to stay, because that kind of loyalty with $600,000 on the table and nothing keeping you there is commendable.

My main takeaway from this story is what kind of conversations are being had right now at the school that offered Flowers $300,000. They thought they were making good NIL offers for kids and they were 100 percent short of the going rate. I’d guess some calls will be going out to boosters next week asking for a bit more money going forward.

Good for Zay Flowers, man. The second I heard $600,000, I would have been packed up and out of Chestnut Hill so fast your head would spin. Hopefully he kills it in 2022 and earns much more than that in the NFL.