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The 3-22 Reds Still Might Not Get The #1 Pick Because Of The New Draft Lottery

Jeff Passan tweeted yesterday about how the Reds only have a 16.5% chance to get the #1 overall draft pick in the 2023 MLB Draft and what a kick in the dick that is. They're by far the worst baseball team we've seen in sometime and now they may not even get the top pick? Oooof. The Orioles timed their rebuild absolutely perfectly for this situation, but the Reds man, that has to sting. Can they still get the top pick? Absolutely. But it's not a guarantee. They currently sit at 3-22, 14.5 games back of first, a run differential of -87, losers of 9 straight, and they may not even get the top pick because of the new CBA. It's great because it does discourage tanking because it doesn't automatically reward the worst team. Team's also can't have lottery picks in three straight seasons so they better hurry up and get good quick, their time for lottery picks starts now. It's a decent long con punishment to stop teams from "tanking" but what awful timing for it in Cincy. 

This is such a kick in the stomach, at least then the Orioles were historically bad they were far and away the worst so they ended up with guys like Adley Rutschman, Heston Kjerstad and another first overall pick this draft. They didn't leave it to choice and a lottery and thank god they didn't. I'd have been sick if the Orioles were the worst team in baseball and didn't get one of the best prospects the sport has ever seen thanks to a lottery. The Reds don't have that luxury, this is adding to the giant shit pile that they have going on in Cincy now, can't wait to hear what that crum bum owner says about this. Tough times in Cincy and there isn't really a light at the end of the tunnel yet. That draft lottery has to be televised like the NBA Lottery is, I need to see the faces of the Reds representatives if and when they end up picking like 3rd after they have an all time bad season. What a wild wrinkle this is to the game of baseball. Now we wait and see what happens and how many wins the Reds can actually get.