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Austin Hays Is The Man

Have yourself a night Mr. Hays. Not only did he hit this bomb of a home run to score the go-ahead run. Absolutely murdered it and barely got it over the new left field wall,  he maybe had the throw of the year with this DIME to get Max Kepler at the plate. Unreal throw by him to nab the runner at home on a one bouncer. Perfect catch and tag by Robinson Chirinos too. I thought he was safe by a mile, but Chirinos didn't block the plate, he received it and laid the tag down. Kepler was stunned. So not only did Hays throw a guy out and hit the go-ahead homer to split the series with the first place Twins, he also had to let Carlos Correa know how good of a night he had. 


OHHHH HE DID THE CARLOS CORREA "MY TIME IS NOW" CELEBRATION!!!! Right in the Twins' face! Right after he hit the go-ahead homer a billion feet! After Carlos spurned the Orioles this offseason!!! Hays had to show him that he's going to miss out on something special in Baltimore. I will say it's a ballsy move talking trash to one of the best players in baseball but hey, Austin Hays didn't care. Guy had himself a career night and wanted to let the Twins hear about it. I don't hate it at all, I love the cockiness By Hays. The Twins are a damn good team, a really good team and the Orioles basically went toe-to-toe with them this series. Obviously Hays' big night helped them but you know what else helped the Os? 

THE HOME RUN CHAIN! It's a game changer. 2 nights ago I wrote about how it was the best thing the organization ever did. Well it's proving to be right because going into that game the Orioles had 11 home runs on the season. Since they introduced the Home Run Chain they've hit 7. 7 bombs in 2 games after 11 in their first 24. Look me in the eyes and tell me they aren't pumped up by the chain.  So pumped that they hit 5 taters last night, everyone wanted the chain. It works, the chain is changing the Orioles, I'm telling you. They're finally out of the AL East basement (due to a tiebreaker) and things are changing. These aren't your fathers Orioles baby. All they do is hit homers and wear chains, I love it. I love Austin Hays. I love the chain. I love this team.