Michigan State Put the Score of Its Win Over Michigan on Its Peach Bowl Rings

It is once again time to renew the annual tradition of clowning whatever school has chosen to do something dumb with a ring following college football season. This year, it's Michigan State putting the score of its 37-33 win over Michigan on the rings the team received for winning the Peach Bowl. You know, a game in which the Spartans played Pittsburgh — without Kenny Pickett, it's worth noting.

Some people are still against bowl rings entirely, which I find dumb, particularly when we're talking about a New Year's Six game. A ring for winning a game like the Peach Bowl is a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate a good season. But when you do something like put the score of a game that had absolutely nothing to do with the Peach Bowl on the ring, you're sort of admitting you're the little brother in your relationship with Michigan and beating them is something so unexpected for you that it deserves to be enshrined on jewelry.

The Spartans have beaten the Wolverines in 10 of the last 14 meetings, yet it's difficult for me to take them seriously when they're still doing things like this. I get it's an in-state rivalry and all that, but this is something Vanderbilt would do. If you want to tout yourself as the big dog, you have to act like it.

Just let your play speak for itself. All you're doing is giving Michigan fans ammo.