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Sergio Garcia To A PGA Tour Rules Official: "I Can't Wait To Leave This Tour. I Cannot Wait To Get Out Of Here"

This guy stinks. I won't dance around it. He can fuck off to the Saudi Golf League. They can have him. We simply don't need him on Tour. Especially at this stage in his career.

He's been a petulant baby for as long as I can remember. He won America's hearts with that whole leap down the fairway thing as a 19 year old at Medinah and the casuals loved it when he cried at Augusta in '17, but most everything outside of that has been miserable. Guy plays slow and whines non-stop. And he isn't even coy about it. If he wanted to avoid conflict about this thing today, he would've bitched about it in Spanish. But nope. Not even shy about how much of an asshole he is. He truly does not give a hoot and it sounds like he's good as gone.

Good riddance. Enjoy him, Saudi Golf League. This is the guy you're getting.