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Looks Like The Caps Will Be Without Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson For A Bit


I'll put it honestly- this fucking sucks. The Panthers have the skill guys like Barkov and Huberdeau, but what they don't have is their own SCC Tom Wilson. For him to be out tonight, and for Coach Lavs to say we "Hope to see him down the road"...well that fucking sucks. That quote doesn't inspire the most confidence. It's bumming me out to be quite honest. 

SCCTW played 1 minute and 31 seconds in game one. In that 91 seconds he scored a goal, and then he never returned to the ice, and the Caps still won on the road in Florida. But we all know by now Willy's importance to the team. We know that when he's in the lineup, he changes the entire dynamic of the game. He's an absolute machine who can score goals, draw penalties, kill penalties, and strike fear into the soul of anyone who dares challenge him.

My original prediction was Caps in 5. I'm not ready to walk that back, despite losing Tom. Bobrovsky had to stand on his head in game 1 to only allow 3 goals and the Caps outplayed Florida all around, all night. To say I'm bummed would be an understatement, but a team with Ovi, Carlson, Backstrom, Oshie, etc isn't going to roll over. 

Just for funsies, here are my first round predictions from Tuesday:

- Bruins in 7

- Lightning in 6

- Rangers in 4

- Caps in 5

- Blues in 5

- Oilers in 6

- Avalanche in 5

- Flames in 5

I didn't expect the Bs to get boatraced SO BAD, but they can still win this series. Lightning in 6 seems good, Rangers in 4 is obviously wrong but I feel they are the way better team so maybe in 5 instead, Caps in 5 we've talked about, I can't believe the Blues got smacked around so bad last night so maybe it'll go 6 not 5, Oilers in 6 seems good, Avs might sweep obviously but 5 seems fine, and same with Flames.