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Mac Jones Hosted a Draft Night Party, and the Reaction to the Pats Trading Back in the First Round was Priceless

This is from Kendrick Bourne's channel. And in a lot of ways, it might very well be the most comprehensive and candid behind-the-scenes look we've ever gotten from the Patriots in the 18 or so years since YouTube was launched. Sure, there have been dozens of documentaries from  NFL Films, Kraft Productions and Tom Brady's production company. But all of them are tightly controlled and carefully edited to show you what they want/are allowed to show us. This is, as the kids say (and by that I mean stopped saying a decade ago), keeping it real. 

This is 24 solid minutes of seeing these guys interact. 

First of all, we learn that Mac Jones really knows how to throw a party, with an eclectic mix of guest of different age groups from all across the roster. This is not a cliquey team leader, who only hangs out with his offensive line or the rest of his QB room or whomever. In addition to Bourne, who narrates the entire thing, we get glimpses of tight ends Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith, wideouts Jakobi Meyers and Tre Nixon, quarterbacks Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham, running back Damien Harris, defensive tackle Christian Barmore, and even new teammates WR DeVante Parker and linebacker Mack Wilson. Meaning players from both sides of the ball, young and old, prized free agents, emerging stars and guys who've spent their careers on the roster bubble. 


I'm not trying to disparage any past Patriots QBs who, from the outside looking in, seemed to keep a tighter social circle of teammates. But that's my quarterback. 

Giphy Images.

Anyway, without dedicating and entire sitcom's run time of your day to watching Bourne's extreme close ups and him working the word "shit" into every sentence, we're witness to:

--A Japanese steak house caterer right out the legendary "A Benihana Christmas" episode of The Office, giving cooking lessons in between Saki squirts.

--Bourne exploring Jones' massive house, including his collection of framed jerseys from … Mack Jones. And discovering a secret passage behind a bookcase (17:00 mark), like he lives in the mansion from Clue.

--A lot of seemingly very sober young men (there are giant liter-sized water bottles everywhere throughout) wearing balloon animals on their heads. 

I watch, so you don't have to. 

But the money shot comes when the Patriots go on the clock. With Bourne predicting a cornerback, a receiver or an offensive lineman and others screaming for Jones' old Bama teammate John Metchie III, we get this golden moment:

These guys can all be forgiven if they can't handle the thought of Belichick trading out of a pick we've been waiting four months for and decide to break up the party. With the exception of Hoyer, and I guess Harris and Meyers, they're all new to this. Some of us have been living for the Patriots first draft pick every year our entire lives. And for Belichick to make that pick for 23 drafts now. Even the ones with no first rounder. And still, we almost unanimously have the same reaction Bourne did. 


Which is to say we feel like the rug's been pulled out from under us. We get disappointed. And then, eventually, we hear what Belichick's trade haul was and say, like Bourne also does, “He’s so smart. It all has to be power moves. Bill doesn’t make nothing but power moves." 

Well said. Corner Trent McDuffie, who went to Kansas City with that 21st pick, might take exception to hearing Bourne say if he would've lit him up in practice every day if he came to New England. But they can settle that on the field. Hopefully in the AFC championship game. 

OTAs begin May 23rd. There's a lot going on between now and then. But I literally can't wait to see this party move to the practice field. And Mac Jones go from party host to field general once again.