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The Academically-Minded Ohio State University Will Now Be Paying Players For Their Classroom Performance

So apparently since the Supreme Court didn't have much going on, they ruled in favor of not limiting the "educational expenses" that a university can give to a STUDENT-athlete. And such a prestigious academic institution like The Ohio State University has decided that this decision gives them the perfect opportunity to toss a little money to what they care about the most: kids that are on track for graduation.

The idea, according to Ohio State, is to give athletes more incentive to stay on track for graduation and to provide more chances for athletes to leave Columbus with less debt or no debt.

I would LOVE to see the requirements to earn this money, especially for the football team that, and I quote the great Cardale Jones, "Don't come here to play school." I would imagine that the first qualification is to have a pulse. Not sure if they'll have a second prerequisite after that. Breathing? Here's your $6,000 bonus, boys.

**It must be noted that this option is open to all 1,000 student-athletes at Ohio State -- and they all have the same goal:

The goal is to make as many athletes as possible eligible for the bonus of $5,980 a year.

I love that. Go to Ohio State and we're going to get you an extra $6,000 of spending money a year. And I know that $6,000 a year isn't a life-changing amount, but it's definitely a nice perk to add to the scholarships and gear and room and board the athletes already get. You think the other Ohio schools are able to do this? Nah, they're not in negotiations for over a BILLION dollar TV contract right now. Money isn't real in Columbus right now.

But, we did just pay an assistant coach $2 million a year, putting the entire group of football assistants over $9 million, which is the most in the country. Gotta spend money to make money, boys.

I guess it makes sense why I've gotten three calls for an alumni donation in the last week. We need to pay our guys. I've give my hundred, but I want it earmarked to either football or men's basketball. For their good grades, of course.