The New Apex Legend 'Newcastle' Could Be Insanely Broken Upon Release

Meet the new Apex Legend 'Newcastle.' He appears to be a top tier defender that's able to revive teammates, while dragging them to safety using a deployable shield for cover. This feels like Lifeline 2.0! His mobile shield can be deployed in front of squadmates and move with the team to provide cover on rotation. Lastly, his ultimate (Castle Wall) is a massive deployable shield to protect the squad from enemy fire.

As is the case with most new legends added into the game, I'm expecting most squads to be running with Newcastle upon launch. His ability to protect the team with deployable shields, drag teammates to cover while reviving and give the squad cover in virtually any part of the map, appears to make him a very solid option on any squad.

However, like most gaming updates, we'll never know his true power until we're able to try him out in game when the new season drops on May 10th.

Aside from the new legend, below is a recap of a lot more changes coming with Season 13:

The biggest changes I noticed were that KP (kill points), will no longer have a cap on how many points you can receive. Previously in Season 12, the most KP a player could get was 125. The remaining 125 RP would come from placing first in a ranked game.

Furthermore, now every member of your squad will get points when someone on your team gets an elimination, even if they didn't do any damage. The player will be awarded 50% of the KP they would receive by getting the kill or assist. I'm a big fan of this change because you won't have to be racing teammates to do damage for knocks, however this opens up a massive opportunity for players to be carried to higher ranks.

Lastly, R301 and Rampage will be in the replicators. RIPIP.